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Before starting the process of getting your CDL, you'll want to research and gather as much information as you can to make sure you choose the right school. Every situation is unique so we recommend contacting us at 941-347-7445 or emailing We can answer any questions you may have, explain available financial aid options, and let you know what we have to offer.        


Study for your CDL Permit

Just like getting a car license, you'll need a CDL permit to drive with our instructors and prepare for the CDL skills test. Visit the website or go to your local DMV to get the most recent CDL Handbook. Study sections 1-3 for General Knowledge, section 5 for Air Brakes, and section 6 for Combination Vehicles.


Get a DOT Physical

Before you take your CDL permit test at the DMV, you'll need to get your DOT medical exam done by an approved physician. Once you pass your DOT physical, you'll receive a DOT medical certificate that you'll present to the DMV after your permit test. You can contact us if you'd like DOT physical recommendations in your area. Most DOT physicals will range in price from $90 to $150.


Take the CDL Knowledge Test

Go to your local DMV, or set up an appointment, and take the CDL knowledge exam based on the sections you studied earlier. If you pass, you'll receive your CDL permit. Both the DOT Medical Card and Permit are required before starting class.  


Complete and Return an Enrollment Packet

Fill out and submit the enrollment packet to or drop it off at our office. You can submit your enrollment packet before other steps, but you'll need your permit and DOT medical certificate before being accepted into the program.


Complete an Enrollment Interview

Once we receive the enrollment packet, it will take a day or two to process and then we'll contact you with the next steps. If the application is approved, we'll set up a quick enrollment interview over phone or in person, and then schedule you on your preferred class date.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions throughout the enrollment process, contact us at 941-347-7445 or email


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